10 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC


Why do so many people choose iMac, MacBook, … while they can buy a PC with a better configuration, with price is much cheaper?

In this article, we only compare to Mac (Apple) and PC
(personal computers) of many manufacturers to answer the question: Why is Mac better than PC?

1- Experience

Many people often assume that Macs (macOS operating systems) are harder to use than PCs (Windows operating systems), however, both use a graphical user interface, so it is not difficult to get used to.

At the present time, Windows 10 has almost overcome the problem on Windows 8, but Microsoft still needs to try more in the future. Meanwhile, macOS has a delicate and stable interface (never happened in the morning when the machine ran fast, in the evening it was lumbering …). In addition, the gestures on the trackpad can completely replace the use of the mouse.

2- Seamless integration with iOS via Hand-Off

Thanks to the Hand-off feature, you can start composing emails, notes or documents on your iPhone, iPad and continue to work right on your Mac without syncing or saving anything to the drive. cloud like OneDrive or Google Drive. This also applies to web searches, reminders, map search, …

You will find a lot of familiar applications on Macs like Message, FaceTime, Notes and Photos, and this number will constantly increase as Apple declares that they will offer measures to help move apps from iOS to Mac becomes easier or vice versa.

3- There are too many PC makers to choose from

Apple offers 6 different computers with many specifications, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of PC makers on the market, it’s hard for you to choose a favorite model and fit your needs.

According to Gartner’s statistics (8/2018), Apple came in fourth place when comparing market share with other PC manufacturers. The first position belongs to Lenovo, followed by HP, Dell and then Apple.

4- Protection

For years, Mac users have rarely encountered attacks involving extortion, virus … compared to Windows users. However, things are gradually changing as attacks on the Internet are increasing and hackers become more sophisticated in their approach. Currently, macOS is still the safest platform, but users should still be cautious when clicking unclear links on the web.

5- Software

Basically, pre-installed software on Windows usually doesn’t have many features. Meanwhile, Apple has equipped many useful software on macOS like Photos (photos), iMovie, Garageband, Pages (text editor), Numbers (spreadsheet), Keynote, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps (map ). Users can almost edit photos or create videos instantly. Most popular Windows software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, … are available on MacOS so you don’t need to be too worried.

6- Design quality

It is undeniable that Macs are more expensive than other companies’ PCs, however, if you want a high-standard device, with high-end components, elegant designs, the Mac is a choice. choose should not be ignored. Conversely, if you think that with that amount of money, you can build a more powerful machine, do it, buy the components yourself and do the assembly (note that you need some knowledge about the machine. calculation).

7- Good optimization of components

Every component on the Mac is optimized for performance and ensures everything consumes less energy, however, the downside is that it is difficult to upgrade.

Meanwhile, PC users can easily adjust and modify internal components, suitable for exploring and designing the device according to personal needs. However, users may face conflicts and lack of drivers (drivers). With a Mac, you just need to connect the camera, printer or install the software to be used immediately.

8- The Mac has the best screen

Many people often mock the idea of ​​Retina displays, however, this is considered one of the best screens currently on the market. Retina screen is integrated with anti-glare coating and no gaps, providing a better viewing experience. When testing Windows on Mac, the Retina display is still sharper than the high-end Windows computers.

9- Customer support

If something goes wrong, you can contact Apple in a variety of ways (phones, online tools, stores, authorized service providers, …). Apple is a company that has always been highly rated for customer support, most of Apple products have free 90-day phone support and a one-year warranty.

10- User satisfaction

Macs or other Apple products are relatively high priced, however, in customer satisfaction surveys, Macs are at the top of the list. Most users who have used MacBooks do not want to switch back to Windows.

The above are 10 reasons why a Mac is better than a PC. So what do you think? If you have other comments, please leave a comment below this article.

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