A close-up and quick review Sony Xperia 1: A high-end smartphone for Sony fans


With Xperia 1, Sony focuses on image, audio, photo and video experiences. That’s also what Sony fans are always aiming for.

In recent years, Sony has repeatedly frustrated its fans when launching flagship smartphones without much innovation. Sony was criticized for being conservative while retaining its old design, while other smartphone companies competed with novel designs.

At MWC 2019 just opened, Sony continues to mark its comeback with the Xperia XZ3’s successor Xperia 1 last year. Once again, Sony did not change so much but kept its most traditional design, most recognizable.

But Xperia 1 is not disappointing, like XZ3 or XZ2. This year’s flagship smartphone really impressed, with the necessary changes and improvements, as a gift of gratitude to Sony fans for years.

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