Apple continues to dominate the smartwatch market


Apple’s watch is still the most popular smartwatch on the market today, surpassing rivals Fitbit, Huawei and Samsung.
According to ABI Research, in the second and third quarter of 2018, Apple still holds the smartwatch market share up to 43.35%, leading the market.

The remainder was distributed to Fitbit, Huawei and Samsung, with about 8% for each.

ABI Research’s research does not mention Xiaomi, which sold 4.2 million smart watches, accounting for 15.1% market share in the second quarter according to the previous IDC report.

Due to the presence of many names like Fitbit, Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung, smartwatch market is increasingly diverse in products. They also constantly upgrade and lower their equipment prices to compete with Appe Watch.
Apple Watch is currently retailing at around $ 399 without LTE and $ 499 with LTE version. While the company’s smartwatch like Samsung is cheaper at only $ 329 with the version without LTE and the $ 379 LTE ​​version, Huawei with only $ 230.

Therefore, Apple is in the top position but the market share is declining, ABI Research said.

The ABI Research, smartwatch market still has a very good growth rate. In 2018, 40 million smartwatches were sold and this figure will increase to 100 million units by 2023.

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