Apple has just officially resold the low-cost iPhone SE on stores with prices starting at $ 249


Although iPhone SE was discontinued last year, Apple decided to continue selling the device, perhaps due to the demand for this cheap iPhone. This may also be the reason why iPhone SE often runs out quickly when Apple re-sells it.

If you are looking to buy a completely new iPhone SE, this is the best time, because surely Apple will not have another discount for this product line.

The price of iPhone SE being offered on its web site is decreasing by 100 USD for the standard 32GB version to 249 USD. For the iPhone SE version, 128GB of memory costs $ 150 down to $ 299. All machines are unlocked.

The iPhone SE models still have all the colors of pink, silver, gold and gray space.

Many opinions suggest that this is the last discharge of Apple’s iPhone SE line. With limited numbers, it is expected that this iPhone SE will run out quickly in a few days.

There is currently no information that Apple will revive this iPhone SE line. iPhone SE is a 4-inch screen smartphone, equipped with Touch ID and A9 chip.

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