Apple Watch curved screen can display information on the watch wire


Flexible screen technology allows Apple to increase the display area to the line of Apple Watch.

Apple has just been granted a patent for a flexible screen module application method. In this patent, both the Apple Watch front and back have the appearance of microLED pixels.

According to the illustration, this design allows Apple to be able to turn the screen itself into a watch strap. Thus, the display area of ​​the watch will be significantly increased.

That can only be done by taking advantage of the applicability of flexible screen technology. This may become a development model for future Apple Watch.

In the last few years, flexible display technology has been developed by many companies thanks to some outstanding advantages in producing mobile panels. Flexible screen technology helps create screen panels with better durability, lighter weight and thinner dimensions.

As a testament to this, Apple’s patent allows the boards to be rolled up. In the future, it is not difficult to imagine that TVs with screens are like a scroll and are only opened when needed.

Currently some Korean and Chinese manufacturers are developing flexible screen phones to cater to the mobile market. Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s folding phone model will be officially launched this week. Earlier, Xiaomi also demonstrated a device with similar design.

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