iPhone 2019 uses USB Type C port, with fingerprint sensor under the screen


If fingerprint sensor technology is under the screen and USB Type C charging port appears this year, this will be a significant change for Apple-made iPhones.

According to Jean Baptiste Su, senior vice president and head of analysis at Atherton Research, the 2019 iPhones will use USB Type C ports and have fingerprint sensors under the screen. This is a significant improvement when much of the information so far shows, the iPhone 2019 has the same design as the 2018 models.

This year’s new iPhone is expected to have a Camera True Depth sensor on the back. However, unlike on the front, the True Depth Camera on the back will use a technology that allows measuring the response time of light waves (Time of Light). This method is less expensive and easier to produce than current Camera True Depth technology.

Last year, Apple dropped its exclusive lightning port on the iPad Pro. Therefore, people are hoping the same thing will be done by Apple on this year’s iPhone model. The switch to the new connection port makes it easier for iOS users to find accessories compatible with their device.

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