iPhone 2020 will have a completely new screen design


According to PhoneArena, the iPhone 2020 will have 3 versions and completely use OLED screens. The iPhone 2020 version will have 5.8 inch screen size, 6.06 inch and 6.4 inch screen.

But only two 5.8-inch and 6.4-inch versions use expensive touch technology, while the 6.06 version will use the old OLED display to lower the price.

The remarkable difference will be in “rabbit ears”. This defect on the iPhone 2020 screen may completely disappear if Apple applies camera-integrated technology in the background.

According to leaked sources, the parts supply chain for Face ID could shrink the size of “rabbit ears”. In addition, Apple’s recent patent also shows that Apples can drill a small hole on the screen. This eliminates the notch design for TrueDepth cameras.

Of course, drilling holes on the screen will only be a temporary solution to minimize the “rabbit ears”, because big tech companies like Apple and Samsung are ambitious to integrate selfie cameras under the screen. However, this technology does not seem ready at the present time.

Another new technology that Apple may also be developing is placing fingerprint sensors under the screen. This technology will most likely be equipped for iPhone 2020.

Thus, the iPhone 2019 will not have many changes in design, still “rabbit ears” and one of the 3 versions will still use the LCD screen.

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