Samsung 2019 TV can connect to mouse like computer screen


In 2019, Samsung TVs will be able to connect to control different devices, from PCs, tablets and phones.

This feature is known as Remote Access. Samsung said that Remote Access allows users to connect TVs to certain accessories such as keyboards and mice. Because of that, the TV will be able to change the duty of a normal computer monitor. As a result, office jobs can now be used in a larger screen background than traditional ones.

It is still unclear how this feature will work. However, according to The Verge, users will have to install the application on their devices so they can talk to each other.

Samsung said the Remote Access feature can operate anywhere in the world thanks to cooperation with VMWare and virtual desktop infrastructure. This technology allows users to access a specific desktop computer placed on a centralized server. Users can therefore access their desktops remotely.

Samsung’s Remote Access feature is very convenient because users from now on will not need an HDMI cable to connect the computer to the TV. In addition, Remote Access represents Samsung’s long-term vision of blurring the boundaries between devices. Earlier, the company’s Dex and Dex Pad could turn high-end phones like the Galaxy Note 9 into a PC when it was connected directly to a monitor.

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