Smartphones with the best cameras in 2019


The ability to take photos and videos is one of the top factors for users to choose a smartphone, so manufacturers are increasingly investing more heavily in cameras on their products.

Recently, DxOMark, a website that evaluates the quality of smartphones and cameras, has released a list of the best smartphones with cameras in 2019. DxOMark’s list is divided into specific criteria. , such as the ability to take ultra-wide-angle photos, videos, or selfies … to make this list.

Smartphone with the most comprehensive camera: Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The two smartphones that received DxOMark’s highest rating in 2019 are two representatives from China, Xiaomi Mate 30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (also known as Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition).

DxOMark experts appreciate both the ability to take photos and record videos of the smartphone duo, especially the ability to reduce noise when taking low light on the Mate 30 Pro and the ability to zoom on the Xiaomi Note 10.

In addition to Mate 30 Pro and Mi Note 10 (both achieved an overall score of 121), the list of 5 smartphones that achieved the highest rating of DxOMark in 2019 also has iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy Note10 + 5G (all with scores). 117), and Galaxy S10 5G (with a score of 116).

Best video recording smartphone: iPhone 11 Pro Max and Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Only ranked third overall for camera quality, DxOMark’s iPhone 11 Pro Max rated video recording capabilities. According to DxOMark, this is one of the smartphones that support HDR video recording, giving high contrast. Videos shot from the iPhone 11 Pro Max also produce pleasing colors in most conditions.

DxOMark also appreciated the ability to shoot 4K video on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for good video quality and very detailed, significantly reducing noise in strong light conditions (but still appear noise when light is low). In addition, the autofocus feature on the iPhone 11 Pro Max also works well when recording videos.

In addition to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Android-based smartphone with the best video recording capability, according to DxOMark, is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, when the video recording quality and contrast on the videos recorded from the product are not inferior. inferior to iPhone 11 Pro Max.

5 smartphones with the best video recording quality according to DxOMark: iPhone 11 Pro Max, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (all with a score of 102), Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G (all with a 101 score), Samsung S10 5G (score 100).

Best zoom smartphone: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition)

Xiaomi’s new smartphone uses two telephoto lenses (2x and 3.7x optical zoom) to help increase the zoom ability when taking pictures, which DxOMark rated as superior to rivals in the ability to zoom.

DxOMark experts even call the zoom capabilities of this smartphone as close to the zoom capabilities of real cameras.

After Xiaomi Mi Note 10 in terms of zoom ability are Huawei P30 Pro (95 points of evaluation), Huawei Mate30 Pro (score of 91), Google Pixel 4 (score of 81) and Honor 20 Pro (score of 79).

Best super wide-angle smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G

For those who love to take photos of landscapes or group photos, choosing a smartphone equipped with an ultra-wide-angle camera is essential. Currently, ultra-wide angle camera has become an indispensable equipment on high-end smartphones, in which DxOMark rated the super wide-angle camera on Galaxy Note10 + 5G as the best quality.

The smartphones ranked behind in this category include iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S10 5G, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Galaxy S10 +.

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